How To Mass Delete, Unfollow, Unlike, Block Photos & People

Want to unfollow a lot of people at once with just a few clicks? Or maybe you’re wanting to delete a bunch of those old photos from freshman year without going through them one at a time. Either way, this app has proven to save me more time than anything else when it comes to cleaning up my Instagram page so let’s check it out. The name of the app is Cleaner for Instagram You can find it here. (yes, it’s free but I recommend getting the upgrade) **This is the iPhone version** (Android version is at the bottom) App Functions: * Mass unfollow users * Mass remove followers (block & unblock) * Mass delete posts * Mass unlike posts * Mass account whitelisting * Whitelist manager * Support for background actions and notifications * Support for multiple accounts * Support for undoing actions * Quick selection tools * Full profile and post previews * Activity log * Pending activities list

samsung clone logo code

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how to unlock huawei e173-u

1-first 1 install modem dashboard after install download QPST configuration here>>>>>>
download QPST here
after install  open qpst  folder from start menu then  qpst configuration  make sure moderm is plugged in
- Then click on Add new port.. the one you note down

-Uncheck "show  serial and USB/QS Diagnostic port only.
-If you selected the correct port then it will shown phone if has no phone is not correct

-Then on the Tab click on Start clients then choose software Download

-now press backup tab then backup when complet  quit qpst

2.) Downgrade your modem using the Huawei Flasher.
huawei flasher
• Plug your modem to your PC.
• Close the dashboard.
• Run Huawei Flasher (NOTE: You must have a working Internet Connection)
• After that your modem port will be detected

Then look on the tab then click "select Firmware" , Then choose "Extract from EXE"  Then locate Firmware file E1731Update_ and click ok
-then Uncheck 05.bin                                                                                                                                - Then On the tab choose "Flash Modem"  then choose "normal mode" then wait till the box promt up and press OK after modem entered on download mode 
-Remember you will get error on 07.bin. don worry, wait for while then it will finish 

-Configuration then add COM port > software download insted of click back up tab, click on restore tab then click browse then locate the file you created Backup (7 stage) then click start and wait for while and it will finish 
now unlock succes then unstall modem dashboard and install again

itel 2100 success unlock

itel it2100 TIGO and ORANGE  unlock available now no box needed contact me

unlock is not  for free this will cost 5000/-Tsh

tecno y3+ unlock

jinsi ya ku unlock simu ya tigo tecno y3+ na y3  inapatikana hapa
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